Pre-fab booths are the wiser choice

Allow teams to shape and then reshape their work environment with ease

  • Pre-fab is cost effective – You pay more when you build from scratch.
  • Pre-fab is saves time – Click. Deliver. Assemble. Done.
  • Pre-fab is modular – Products are portable, take your rooms with you when you move out.

Open the door to deep focus

The Phone Booth

Improved productivity packaged in less than 13 square feet.

Step inside to dial in, think out loud, and dream up what’s next. This is the room where it all happens.

Make meetings more meaningful

The Meeting Room

Introducing a better way to work, together. Connect, collaborate, and contribute.
Over 70% of meetings involve only two to four people. Modular meeting room maximizes the value of your real estate.

Open space for collaboration

The Open Meeting Room

Open up a new way to collaborate. Inspire out-of-the-box thinking with a social space that opens up the meeting room to a world of possibilities.
The perfect space for productive, impromptu discussions.

A private space to call your own

The Focus Room

Privacy meets productivity, a thoughtfully designed personal office that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.
Provides a dedicated, comfortable space for private, productive work sessions. In here, silence never sounded so good.