Improving physical security with a frictionless, touchless experience

  • Easiest end to end biometrics to deploy in access control
  • Compliments, modernises and extends your investment
  • Technology focused on privacy and compliance
  • Enables you to plan and scale for the future

Your Face is Your Credential

Alcatraz AI has redefined physical security by providing an innovative facial authentication solution that leverages artificial intelligence, analytics, and unique power of the face to make safer spaces possible.

The Alcatraz platform comes to life through three industry-leading software solutions

  • Enrolment intelligence – builds user profiles based on only a handful of interactions
  • Multi-factor authentication – create a 2FA or 3FA solution for higher security areas
  • Tailgating intelligence – auto-tagging and real-time notifications


Innovate and future-proof your security strategy

The Alcatraz Rock, is designed to be easy- to-implement and use – with seamless deployment on any access control system, not requiring a retrofit or any integration.