Open Area

Density’s Open Area sensor tracks people in a space, accurately but anonymously.

As we evaluate shared spaces in the ‘new-normal’ part of the puzzle is understanding how they are being used. And this is where Open Area by Density comes in. This small ceiling-mounted radar tracks people unobtrusively but with great precision, which means you can monitor how every space is used. 

Radar technology

Density’s radar technology has the range and precision to cover hundreds of square feet from a single point, but importantly its data is completely anonymous meaning lacks the capability to identifying someone. In a world increasingly regulating the data we capture; we believe this kit is compliance approved. 

Open Area for any location

Open Area can be applied to any setting. From cafes monitoring table occupancy through to public libraries and offices. Retail is utilising radars to understand high traffic locations and valuable real estate within stores.


The sensor produces insightful data that can tell you how far people are from each other, how long they spend in various locations, and whether certain thoroughfares are used more frequently than others. From these insights you can easily increase customer safety and space efficiency.